About Tamar Robotics

Tamar Robotics is developing an endoscopic surgical robotic system enabling the benefits of minimally invasive robotic surgery for “small cavity” procedures in Neurosurgery, Spine, Head and Neck, Urology and Thoracic surgery. Current single port robotic systems require a large working space due to their “arm and elbows” kinematics. As such, they are limited to use primarily in abdominal, Prostate, and GYN surgery.


Tamar Robotic System

The Tamar system has been designed from the outset for small cavity procedures. Based on innovative kinematics, the system enables highly accurate and safe robotic surgery in highly challenging workspaces where robotics currently cannot be used, offering improved clinical and economic benefits for millions of procedures annually worldwide. Tamar Robotics is a privately held Israeli company established in 2018 and based on research conducted at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology by Prof. Moshe Shoham, founder of Mazor Robotics.

  • Robotic precision and superior visualization for more accurate procedures and better outcomes

  • Fewer and smaller incisions for less pain and faster healing

  • Reduced complications, hospitalization, and readmissions

  • Surgeon full control and improved ergonomics

  • Attract patients and leading surgical staff

Market Opportunity

An estimated 12 million small cavity surgical procedures are performed worldwide each year. Many of these procedures are currently performed on a minimally invasive basis but using multiple-port robotic surgical systems requiring many incisions, or endoscopically but with less accurate manual surgical tasks. With the drive by surgeons, providers and payors to offering more robotic procedures, the Total Available Market for the Tamar Robotic system is estimated at $60 billion annually. Tamar Robotics’ initial focus is on developing its system for use in Neurosurgery. 

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Neurosurgery (Brain)




Head & Neck